wait what did you laugh at the pjo band boys? —Anonymous

i just thought it was funny imagining the boys singing lol


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Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #71

I woke up, unconscious on the floor, my head still spinning from the blow Dean gave me, right to my jaw. I was an idiot. He fooled me, but if there’s someone responsible for this whole mess, it’s me: I shouldn’t have let my guard down because Dean and I had “a moment” earlier, but you can’t blame me for wanting to believe, yes, believe that for a couple of seconds, my brother was back. I guess I’m far too sentimental, and as I’ve written so many times in this journal, family is my weak spot and will always be.

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Very excited because I started to cover Dean’s death at Journal of a Man of Letters. I can’t wait to post the next fics and art.

A big thank you to Becc-j, Maichan 808 and Quickreaver who betaed all the fics during the summer ❤


its raining,its cold,its accounting class,its hell on earth

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wolfpatronusteampeeta-and-dean replied to your post: Guys,im sorry ive been not online here…

Don’t overwork yourself though, okay?

awn im trying haha thank you sweetie <3

“I had this moment where I realized that I didn’t care where I ended up. I didn’t care if I was that guy who never went to college. If I failed as an actor I would embrace it.”
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HOO AUS: get to know ARGO II, the new pop/punk band sensation based in San Francisco and comprising four talented young boys: Percy Jackson (lead vocalist); Jason Grace (vocals and guitar); Frank Zhang (vocals and bass) and Leo Valdez (vocals and drum). Argo II owned many people’s hearts by composing their own songs and melodies. Their first album FESTUS broke records and generated singles like The Lost Hero and Gaea. Argo II is currently on tour, conquering fans all over the world. Soon, you’ll get to know DEMIGODDESSES, the girlband that has been touring with ARGO II.

click on the gifs for fancasts;

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"Oh my my my my." Taylor Swift Art Challenge - Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)

percyondemand requested Jercy for this one and I had to get real creative, so pretend like everyone’s got instagram. It was impossible for me not to use the dads line.

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Logan Lerman for Vanity Fair (2013)

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